New quality
of accounting services


We are a socially responsible company. We believe that every business, including ours, may act in accordance with the concept of corporate social responsibility. Below are presented some of our actions.

Environmental activities:

  • We use environmentally friendly office supplies,
  • We use electronic signatures in order to reduce the amount of paper documents,
  • Among our clients we promote the idea of using e-invoices allowing to reduce the amount of paper.

Activities for employees

  • We support young mothers to return to work, so that they can enjoy motherhood and at the same time do not lose career opportunities
  • We run paid student internship programs through which students can gain valuable experience and at the end of the internship we offer further cooperation
  • We invest in the development of professional skills of our employees, we enable the development not only in the area of bookkeeping but also in the so-called soft skills,
  • We actively integrate our employees to form a strong team.

Business ethics and social activities:

  • We are a signatory to the “Code of Professional Ethics in Accounting” by Accountants Association in Poland.